The Enrollment Application

An enrollment application covers, at minimum, a child's name, desired start date, birthday, and necessary schedule. 

A GOOD enrollment application covers a whole lot more - a good enrollment application can provide all the information necessary to decide of a client is a good fit for your program PRIOR to an interview. I strongly recommend an enrollment form that gives you important information on parenting, discipline, diet & medical information, as well as insightful questions into how the parents feel about childcare in general. 

Why do you need one?

Childcare enrollment application forms are important documents that help you gather important information about the children you will be caring for. This information can include everything from basic contact details to medical histories, dietary restrictions, and emergency contacts. By having this information readily available, you can better tailor your care to the individual needs of each child. Furthermore, enrollment forms can also help you ensure that you are meeting all of the necessary licensing and regulatory requirements for your childcare facility. Many states require specific information to be collected and maintained about each child in your care, and having a standardized form can help ensure that you are meeting those requirements. Overall, investing in a well-designed childcare enrollment application form can help you provide better care for the children in your facility while also ensuring that you are meeting all of the necessary legal and regulatory requirements.

Why do you want A Childcare Provider's Guide to Enrollment Applications?

Bad interviews are a waste of time and effort. You want to whittle down the choices for your openings well ahead of time - this is how. 

Our Enrollment Application has over ten years of editing to ensure the *perfect* questions. Not too easy and not too difficult to fill-out while weeding out red flags - without alerting the parents and allowing them to just tell you what you want to hear. 

Let me help you make your difficult job just a tiny bit easier.