A Childcare Provider's Guide to Everything

Childcare professionals have one of the hardest and least appreciated jobs.

I have been a licensed childcare provider in Illinois for over ten years and I'm still at it today, growing from a small home daycare to a daycare center over the years.

The stats say that most of us don't even make it two years in this business - because it's hard work. And the requirements just keep piling up. 

I'm well-versed in all those childcare requirements from licensing, enrollment, and staffing to parent communication and conferences - not to mention the plain old forms like sign-in sheets and meal counts.

 Each document is one I've created for use in my own daycare home or center to suit our specific needs and fine-tuned to suit best practices for the majority of childcare providers. 

And each document comes with a tip sheet explaining how I use it, what it accomplishes, and some suggestions to simplify your childcare practice. 

Because that is what A Childcare Providers Guide is all about:
 helping childcare providers like myself with the small tasks that make our difficult jobs just a little bit easier.

By a childcare provider, for a childcare provider.

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